Honey and Honey Products.

100% Natural.
Mild flavoured and smooth textured. Locally produced for 70 years.
A distinctive, full bodied honey produced from native forests' trees.
A rich honey with complex flavours from a range of New Zealand native bush.
An intensely aromatic honey.
A delicate honey that makes a wonderful sweetener for coffee and hot drinks.
World renowned, Manuka hone has a strong herby flavour. MG 80+ = UMF5+
Locally produced. Clover honey is mild, thick and sweet.
National award winning honeycomb from a boutique third generation producer.
Supports energy and vitality. Bee pollen is the richest and most complete food in nature.
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Johnsons Cottage

Orchard and Fruit Stall

217 Scotland St, Roxburgh, Central Otago, New Zealand

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